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get ready for the JLPT!

A reviewer that has everything you need to conquer the JLPT

How Ganbaru! Can Help You

Review all the kanji, vocabulary, and grammar—and we do mean ALL of them

Train yourself in both reading and listening in a fun, engaging way

Practice A LOT, including taking mock tests under test conditions

What's Included In Ganbaru!

Content that uses context-based learning (CBL)
Clear, detailed explanations to answers
Illustrations, audio, and quizzes

What Makes Ganbaru! Different

Ganbaru! works like an interactive e-book.
Its format makes it easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for you to study Japanese.

No need to look up kanji or vocabulary in a dictionary. Just hover over what you don’t understand.

No need to switch between numerous textbooks and CD-ROMs. Just click a button to play audio.

No need to check quizzes using an answer key. Just submit your answers and get your score quickly.

Why Choose Ganbaru!

Designed and developed to support you in your JLPT success,
made from a non-native POV…

…but quality-checked by a native speaker and professional teacher

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